Kendriya Vidyalaya No.1 Chhindwara
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केन्द्रीय विद्यालय नंबर 1 छिंदवाड़ा
Kendriya Vidyalaya No.1 Chhindwara
Shift - I & II
::::::::Welcome to Kendriya Vidyalaya No.-1 Chhindwara (Shift - I & II) ::::::::
CMP Initiatives
 Planting-All primary Teachers-PRT-EVS, English and Hindi-Class Ist to Vth

Planting sapling and making garden inside the campus-Realised-1. To inculate the knowledge plants and thier importance for healthy atmosphere through gardening dub
 Philatelly-All primary Teachers-PRT-EVS, English and Hindi-Class Ist to Vth

To be aware pof the different parts of the world with thier currencies and stamps-Realised-1. To learn great personalities and the important events
2. Diffrent Life Styles in different countries

 Touch With Charity institution -All primary Teachers-PRT-EVS, English and Hindi-Class Ist to Vth

Getting in touch with charity indtitutions to develop the quality of helping and caring the needy , through Smiel, LIfe , Udthvum Karangal etc-Realised-1. To inculate thr quality of sympathy, love, affection and simplicity
 Arranging Field Trips and Excursion-All primary Teachers-PRT-EVS, Maths, English and Hindi-Class V

To enjoy outdoor activities and to enhance the knowledge and skillls-Realised-1. To develope healthy mental preparation
2. Admiring nature , enjoying togetherness

 Celebration Bal Divas-All primary Teachers-PRT-EVS, English and Hindi-Class V

To attach the responsibility in bringing up the nation-Realised-To motivate and develop self confidence
 Grand Parents Day-All primary Teachers-PRT-EVS, English and Hindi-Class V

Celebration brings sense of responsibility and regards, develops the feeling of respecting the senior citizen-Realised-1. To improve the senior members in family societyt
2. Showing the gratitude and thanking for the service

 Communication Skill-Mrs. Anju Kumare, Mrs. Vaishali Rokre, Mrs Sonu Verma-PRT-English Hindi-V

To enhance the spoken and communication ability-Realised-To improvise the efficeiency in communication for better understanding with other individual or a group
 Film Shows-Mr. J S. Bhatia Mrs Rashmi Tiwari Mrs Manju Kasare-PRT-EVS-III and IV

Value Baesd, History of Great Personalities , Good Manners, Habbits, Sports Spirit-Realized-To understand the importance of
1. Life Skill, Nature, Habits, To enjoy Sports Skill, Art and Grafts

 Community Lunch-Awareness/Sharing and caring for others-Mr. B. R. Karade Mr. Kamlesh Sahu Mr. D. R.

1. Social Awareness
2. Frendlinwess
3. CoOPeration-Realized-

 Conducting PTA Meetings-HM Incharge and Teachers---Ist

To let the parents to know the
1. Grading system of testing and evaluation
2. Punctuality in all activities orderliness in doing things, grooving to carry oneself in the course-Realized-

 Rediness Programme-Mrs. Rashmi Tiwari , Mrs. Neeti Chouhan Mrs. Shailja Deharia-PRT-English EVS Hind

1. Recignize and appreciate the school
2. Rediness to learn
i) Proper and regular schooling practice
ii) Good habits
3. School Culture
4. Basic manners
5. Co operation
6. Friendliness
Taking care of possessions.
To be aware of
1. Counting
2. Small/Big Unit
3. Importance of group work-Realized-Readiness programme. \"Ready to learn, Learn to be raedy\" for the learning process. Adopting the Transition from home environment to school environment to enhance learning process. To get to know their helpers- teachers, principal,VP, helpers in the school, neighbouring classes by visits school language, common pleasing mannerism in order to create willingness to come
To learn to count to develpo the possession of class room/ baches/tables etc.

 Power Point Presentation-Mr. P. K. Koche (Shift - I)-Head Master-Maths-5

Shapes and Angles--
 Power Point Presentation-Mrs. Manjubala Kasare-PRT-Maths-5

 Types of Traingle-Power Point Presentation-Kamlesh Sahu-PRT-EVS-3

Sign and Symbols-- [ File Size 258 KB ]
 Power Point Presentation-Kamlesh Sahu-PRT-EVS-3

Sign and Symbols--
 The milkmans cow-Shivani Dubey-PRT-English-4

The milkmans cow-To Know the terms related with cow-
 Plants-Shivani Dubey-PRT-EVS-1

Awareness about Plants--